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Helping managers manage and teachers teach.    

SchoolSuite is a complete software control solution designed specifically to meet the network management and teaching needs of primary and secondary schools. SchoolSuite's combination of security and administration tools are designed to ease delivery of the curriculum and management of the network.


SchoolSuite is designed to run on any Microsoft Windows network and enables a school's ICT Coordinator to manage the network, with little additional management time, enabling the school to deliver the curriculum in an effective and reliable way.

The summary of features (opposite) lists some of the requirements that schools tend to have in common, but there is much more to SchoolSuite than can practicably summarised on an introductory web page.

The product details home page provides a more detailed listing of the facilities available and makes a convenient jumping off point to investigate each facility further.

Be sure to let us know if you feel SchoolSuite does not meet any specific requirements you may have. SchoolSuite is developed in-house by RedFox and flexibility is one of its key benefits.

We can, and frequently do, integrate new features at the request of an individual school for the benefit of everyone!

We can offer no obligation on-site demonstrations of SchoolSuite, so you can see for yourself how its functionality could enhance your computer network.

If you need any further information or would like to to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

Summary of features

Classroom Computer Control - Teachers and Technicians can control any workstation on the network. Providing remote messaging and log-off through to complete system control and remote demonstration facilities.

Enhanced Network Management - SchoolSuite simplifies many complex and time consuming network management tasks such as user, printer and asset management.

Teacher Demonstration - Teachers can lock the student computers while remotely demonstrating a task, reducing possible distractions.

Task Monitoring - Teachers can scan selected computers in their class to monitor student progress through a task.

Desktop Lockdown - Improved control over how software and data can be manipulated, ensuring your network remains a teaching tool not a hacker's playground.

Enhanced Network Security - Allows you to take real control over exactly how much (or little) you want your users to be able to do.

E-mail & Internet Access Controls - Web usage can be controlled and audited and email access can be simplified and tightly controlled with our MiniMail email client.

Automated Shutdown - Teachers can automatically log-off, restart and shutdown an individual computer or the whole class, Technicians can do the same for the whole school.

Workstation Replication - Workstation images can be quickly created or restored without impacting network performance and new workstations can be deployed quickly and simply.

Enhanced Network Capabilities - SchoolSuite includes many additional features ideally suited to schools. Such as automated hardware and software auditing, application deployment and automated printer installation.

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